Introduced in 1939 by DC Comics, Batman is recognized worldwide as an icon of pop culture and remains to this day one of the most popular and well-known comic book superheroes. The inspiration for this room was provided by one of the latest cinematic incarnations of Batman, The Dark Knight. The interior design incorporates elements of Batman’s suit and his secret hideout, the Batcave. An overhead light panel helps to visually expand the room while the stylish leather chairs provide extended comfort for the ultimate viewing experience.


Electronics: JBL Synthesis, Integra, Furman
Lights: Modular, DreamLED, iLed
Lights Control DimmerLutron
Projector: Sim2
Acoustics: JBL Synthesis
Bass shakers: Earthquake
Home Theater Chairs: Cineak
Screen: Vutec
Control PanelAMX